About Me

With a background in Marketing and Communication, I bring storytelling back to your resume and job search tools.



Believe me, I have been there.

Spending my days preparing a customized resume for that perfect job; hopeful for the chance at an interview – and no response.

With over 10 years of experience in business, communications, and marketing, I have competed for my fair share of jobs and promotions. Through it all, I knew there had to be a way or a system to help me stand out. I was determined to find a better way – emerging myself in trainings, workshops, and books. Equip with a strong knowledge job seeking best practices, I tweaked the rules by applying my marketing, communication and sales knowledge, positioning my experiences and skills in unique ways and designed formats.

And it worked.

I couldn’t wait to start sharing my new found knowledge. Starting with requests from friends and family, I was quickly recognized for my keen ability to interpret and communicate expertise across industries.
I honed my ability to research and ask the right questions, uncovering and grouping skills and experiences in strategic ways to simplify and decode complex career paths. As my skills evolved, I continued to grow my clientele – launching into a full-time business in 2016.

Which revealed my true strength.

As a military spouse, I have a common connection and understanding within the military community. As my business grew, so did my skills to translate military member experience, across all three elements, and complex military spouse career paths. In 2016, my work with the military community was recognized by Canada Company with an invitation to join as a Transition Service Provider for the MET & MET Spouse (Military Employment Transition) Programs. Although this program is no longer running, this experience boosted my skills and confidence to provide exceptional career services for military families.


Join me for a ‘virtual’ coffee.

Ask questions, learn more about how I can help and how the resume development process work, and gain some quick tips on how to optimize your resume and job search.

In planning for my retirement from the Royal Canadian Navy, I knew a lot had changed since my last resume 30+ years ago. I enjoyed meeting with Lena talking about the whole job search process. Since working with Lena, I have had numerous interviews and 6 jobs offers, and have already referred Modern Resume to my friends!


Kitchen & Hospitality Manager, Royal Canadian Navy

“I enjoy helping clients think about their experience and expertise in new and different ways – not only creating unique and professional job search tools, but a building a new confidence in their job search.”