Are you questioning whether to continue your job search during the Holiday season?


Many businesses, projects, and HR departments do slow down during the Holiday season but here are a few examples to show how it’s still a great time of year to leverage a wealth of holiday-inspired job search opportunities!


It’s a great time of year to respond to job postings. Other people (aka candidates) are distracted and busy during the holiday season. And many share the mindset that it’s a ‘bad time of year’ to look for jobs. What this means for you – fewer applicants equals less competition and an increased chance for you to end up at the TOP of the candidate pile!



It’s a great time of year to network – even if the thought of networking makes you want to go into winter hibernation. Fun and friendly holiday events can alleviate traditional networking pressure, opening an area of conversation starters and topics – and there is an abundance of events to choose from! Protip: Share your career goals for the New Year – you never know when or where the right opportunity will come from.



It’s a great time of year to set up informal or introductory meetings. With the holiday slowdown, many managers have slightly more flexibility in their work calendars. Make that call and schedule a meeting with the company you want to work for to discuss goals and future opportunities. This could also open up an opportunity for you to offer to help with a current challenge and show them the value you could bring.



It’s a great time of year to update your personal marketing materials like your resume, cover letter, and portfolio. With all these new connections and plans, it’s important to be prepared!


Still not convinced the Holiday season is a great time of year to go into job search mode?  Contact me or Book a free resume consultation; let’s discuss your job search goals and make next year the best one yet!