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3 Resume Tips to add Clarity to your Resume

I have some bad news for you; It is highly unlikely your resume will ever be read. In fact, popular statistics show hiring Managers only scan a resume for an average of 6 seconds.  6 seconds to find the right skills 6 seconds to judge your level of expertise 6 seconds...

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Tailor your Resume in 30 minutes

You’ve heard it time and again - every application must be ‘tailored’ to the position.   But for most of us, the thought of updating a resume, even if for an exciting opportunity, makes you freeze with overwhelm. Before you go into excuses of how your slow operating...

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5 tips to write a winning Cover Letter

Does this sound familiar?  Please accept my application….. In my previous role, I was responsible for….. I am very interested and available for an interview anytime……   If you are bored by these lines, you can imagine how bored Hiring managers are after sorting...

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